Larry’s Short List of Exam Prep Blogs

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When preparing for your PMP® exam blogs can be a great resource for exam tips, sample questions and other materials.  Most require you to register for access to their forums and resources, and in some cases the sites can be an excuse to sell you on a boot camp or a book.  The most useful sites have active forum discussions and include exam study guides.  Below is my short list of blogs that I have found useful.

PM Hut

The Project Management Hut, came to life when a group of project managers started writing articles and gathering articles from all over the world, categorizing these articles, and presenting them in a very digestible format for the dynamic Project Manager. Today, PM Hut is considered to be the largest database of categorized Project Management articles on planet Earth.

PM Hub

This site is by far my favorite.  Not only does it host a great collection of CAPM & PMP study notes, but it includes JIMBOK 4th Edition Exam Tips columns by Jim Owens.  The easiest way to get JIMBOK is to first register at the PM Hub blog as member, then use this address to download the content.

PM Zilla

This site hosts a very active discussion forum. Below is a sample posting found at

If you use the simple table that follows you should be able to get the EV questions right. I have found it simple because it shows the related formulas together and I can remember them because they are arranged logically. In my practice sessions I have been starting at the left with and filling in the data given in the questions and completing the calculations for the remaining items.

For example: if you are give a scenario where a $500,000 project schedule is 50% complete and the actual cost are $145,000. You can commute pretty quickly the data.

PV=Planned % Complete x BAC SPI=EV/PV
EV=Actual %Complete x BAC CPI=EV/AC VAR=BAC-EAC

Project Management Testbank

This Google forum includes an extensive bank of sample questions, that are easily taken offline for study. For a good overview check out the site map.

Oliver Lehmann’s Project Management Training

This site is a bit busy, but if you drill down on the PMP Exam resources, you will find some gems.  Some of the highlights include: his own sample questions, a list of additional question providers, and several links to useful job advice like 100 Rules for NASA Project Managers.


Technically this last online resource is not a blog, but as an avid user of flash cards I found it useful.  It covers a lot of disciplines, so you will need to search for the PMP material.  It also features a great section on Quizlet Mobile Apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, HP webOS, and Windows Phone. I use a Windows Mobile device and there are several apps for studying Quizlet sets: