Downloads for Project Server Evaluation

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Downloads for Project Server Evaluation

Microsoft makes evaluation Project Server 2010 easy in three ways; installable software, virtual machine, or a hosted virtual machine.  If you are like me, then you may be looking for some hands-on experience working with Project Server without having to dump your Windows 7 desktop.

Since Windows 7 Virtual PC does not support 64-bit operating systems, I took advantage of VMware’s free Player.  The VMware Player is a desktop application that lets you create, configure, and run virtual machines.  When checking the list of supported operating systems it’s important to know that the Player is not listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide, but the information for VMware’s Workstation is applicable to Player.

The first step in the process is to download the necessary evaluation binaries, so below is your virtual shopping list.

SharePoint 2010 and Project Server 2010 are available in 64-bit editions only and require 64-bit editions of Windows Server 2008 R2, so that’s your next download.  The great news about this particular Microsoft download is that it does not require product activation or entering a product key.  Basically, any edition of Windows Server 2008 may be installed without activation and evaluated for an initial 60 days.

If you need more time to evaluate Windows Server 2008, the 60-day evaluation period may be reset three times, extending the original 60-day evaluation period by up to 180 days.  This works especially important, since the evaluation copies of SharePoint and Project Server both run 180 days.

Additional Project Server 2010 Requirements include the following Windows Server 2008 server roles on each application server in the farm:

  • Application Server role
  • Web Server role with Internet Information Services (IIS) 6 Management Compatibility enabled

Project Server 2010 also requires that Windows PowerShell be enabled.  Both the server roles and PowerShell will be configured automatically by the SharePoint Server 2010 prerequisite installation tool if they are not already enabled.

For my evaluation image I created a single server SharePoint installation, but used a separate instance of SQL Server 2008 SP1 which required the following components to support Project Server:

  •     Database Engine
  •     Analysis Services
  •     Reporting Services
  •     Management tools
  •     Connectivity components

Since the purpose of this article is how-to build a Project Server evaluation image, I will leave basic virtual machine construction to the rest of blog-sphere. Suffice to say VMware Player Documentation is extensive and readily available from the company’s support site.

I finished the morning by getting the base image created and configured. My next installment will cover the SQL and application server installations.